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Pharmanex Kids products are the safe, hassle-free way to give your child the nutritional support they need to help them succeed in school and in life.


The ultimate fusion of science and fun. Jungamals is a complete formula that gives kids just the right amounts of the right key nutrients to support healthy growth and development. It’s made with better vitamins and minerals, in more bioavailable forms for improved absorption. And it’s free from artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives you don’t want or need. And thanks to SCS certification, you can know your child’s supplements are working to improve their carotenoid score by tracking their progress using a Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner. Plus, Jungamals has a delicious, kid-approved grape flavor and fun packaging that make taking vitamins a treat instead of a chore. There’s no better way to supplement your child’s nutrition than with this healthy, delicious daily win.


  • Level-I SCS-certified for measurable results you can see using a Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner.
  • Supports healthy growth and development.*
  • Supports healthy cellular function.*
  • Supports healthy bones and teeth with calcium and other important nutrients.*
  • Protects young bodies with several antioxidants.*
  • Supports energy metabolism.*
  • Promotes healthy immune function.*
  • Supports healthy brain and eye development.*
  • Supports healthy hair, skin, and nails.*
  • Provides a spectrum of 26 essential vitamins and minerals, perfect to provide the right support for kids—even picky eaters.
  • Promotes healthy development and nutritional balance for children.*
  • Supports overall wellness.*
  • Free from artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives.


  • A carefully formulated blend of the right amounts of the right ingredients to support your child’s healthy growth and development.
  • Carotenoids—beta carotene, lycopene, and lutein.
  • Vitamins—including unique methylated B vitamins, vitamin D3, vitamin K2, and more.
  • Minerals—including iron, zinc, selenium, calcium, magnesium, and more.
  • Choline—an essential nutrient important for brain development.
  • Specially chosen nutrient forms for improved bioavailability—including vitamin E, vitamin D3, and marine calcium and magnesium.


  • Children 2 to 3 years old: chew one tablet daily.
  • Children 4 to 8 years old: chew two tablets daily.
  • Children 9 to 12 years old: chew three tablets daily.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.


  • Mighty Minds®
  • Defendables
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Will Pharmanex Kids Jungamals raise my child’s scanner score?

Yes! Jungamals is SCS-certified, so it will raise your scanner score if you take it as directed for two months.

What is SCS certification?

SCS certification means that our scientists are confident that this product will raise your skin carotenoid score, or SCS, as measured by our Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner. Carotenoids are a class of important antioxidants and can come from a variety of sources, including fruits, vegetables, and your supplements. If a product is SCS-certified, then you can expect that using it will increase your scanner score over time.

What do different levels of SCS certification mean?

Higher levels of SCS certification correlate to larger expected scanner score increases and are based on the quantity and bioavailability of relevant nutrients in each product. In other words, you should expect to experience larger scanner score increases if you take a level II SCS-certified product compared to if you take a level I SCS-certified product.

How does Jungamals compare to the competition?

Jungamals is one of the most nutritionally balanced children’s daily multinutrient supplements available. Its optimized formula emphasizes the most important needs in childhood nutrition: growth and development, bone health, immune function, antioxidant protection, and common vitamin and mineral deficiencies.* This includes nutrients like calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, carotenoids, and choline, which are commonly low or missing in children’s supplements. Jungamals includes all this, but still has a delicious, kid-approved, low-sugar grape flavor that children absolutely love.

Does Jungamals contain any artificial colors or preservatives?

Jungamals include zero artificial colors or preservatives. We added a safe, tiny amount of natural color, and the product is kept fresh simply by its high levels of antioxidants, so no other preservatives are necessary.

Why isn’t there any fluoride in the formula?

Fluoride is not FDA-approved for use in dietary supplements. Fluoride administration must be individually assessed by a physician or dentist in consideration of local drinking water fluoridation practices and dental health.


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