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Are you ready to feel and live younger? Do you want to remind your body how it feels to be young? Feel again the experience of your mind and body working together in prime condition?. You are not alone. One sign that can be felt from the effects of aging is that we lose the spirit of our youth; feel life is flat, uninspired, and sluggish. Now you can feel young again. AgeLOC science identifies, targets, and restores your Youth Gene Cluster back to youth. Helping you feel healthier, younger, and more vibrant.

As we age, the expression or activity of our genes changes and this affects our ability to feel young. AgeLOC R2 is a powerful product combination that works to bring the youthful gene pool back to a cleansing stage and produce energy at the cellular level so you can feel like you’re back to your youth. Taken at night, AgeLOC R2 Night optimizes the natural cell rejuvenation process, helping you start your day feeling refreshed. Taken in the morning, AgeLOC R2 Day optimizes cellular energy production to help you get excited and take control of your new day. Rejuvenate and rejuvenate with AgeLOC R2.

Be part of an anti-aging revolution. If you want to feel younger for longer, you need ageLOC R2. Available only at Nuskin, ageLOC is the perfect balance of opportunity by combining the goodness and exclusivity of a product through science.


The problem is aging.

As we age, we often overlook small changes in how we age. These changes then accumulate until one day we wake up and realize we no longer feel young. You will also ask, “How can I be young again?”

The problem is aging.

The key to staying young is in our genes. As we age, our gene expression, or the way our genes communicate with body cells, changes too. This can reduce the ability of our cells to function as they should. When trillions of our cells feel tired, it’s no wonder we can feel tired too.

This aging phenomenon is part of an expression change associated with two important processes in the Young Gene Group: cellular purification and cellular energy production. This is a cyclical process that can lead to a buildup of body toxins and also decreased vitality. When this Young Gene Group doesn’t work well, it causes a decline that can lead to a decrease in the body’s ability to function properly and make it hard for us to feel as young as we used to be when we were young.

Aging makes our bodies less effective at clearing toxins, and also the build-up of toxins makes our cells start to accumulate damage, cell disposal problems, and poisoning by the products we consume. Everyone is concerned about environmental contamination, but it’s also important to target the internal breakdown of metabolism (breathing, conversion of food to energy, and so on) that occurs over time and can accelerate the aging process. Until now, products in the market have not focused on the source of aging, they have only focused on the signs of aging rather than the source of the problem.

Aging Is Linked To Loss Of Vitality

Loss of physical strength, reduced mental acuity, and also lack of sexual desire are some of the signs of aging, which we usually call the loss of vitality.

As we age, our body’s ability to regenerate and use energy is hindered, which can impair the vitality of youth. In fact, research shows that 85% of consumers care deeply about their energy and stamina levels.

The source of this inhibition starts from the deepest part of each of our cells, the smallest part of our cells “energy kitchens” commonly called mitochondria that convert energy from the food we eat into a form of chemical energy that fuels our bodies. As we age, the efficiency and number of our mitochondria decrease, and energy production is no longer able to meet our body’s needs. Loss of vitality as we age is associated with age-related changes in the Young Gene Group related to cellular energy production.

The Solution: Restoring the Capabilities of the Young Gene Group

Providing exclusive access to 30 years of anti-aging gene research, Nu Skin uniquely seeks to identify, target, and restore function to Young Gene Groups (YGCs). With ageLOC science, we have an understanding of how the Young Gene Bundle affects aging, and we can develop products that can support youthful gene expression to make us feel as energized as we were when we were younger. Findings from Nu Skin research have helped us uncover a natural composition that seeks to counter the changes in expression of the Young Gene Group associated with aging. We can now restore the Young Gene Bundles associated with both Cell Purification and Cell Energy Products for a more youthful expression pattern – helping you feel younger, longer.

ageLOC R2 brings the benefits of ageLOC science into its products to restore the Young Gene Group related to cellular purification and cellular energy production by balancing and maintaining youth.


  • Targets aging right at the source
  • Supports healthy expression of the Young Gene Group associated with cell purification as well as cellular energy production.
  • Helping you feel much younger and more energized
  • Supports the three dimensions of vitality that are closely related to aging – bodily vitality, mental acuity and sexual health.
  • Increases and sustains the basic foundation of energy levels.
  • Supports the body’s ability to neutralize and eliminate cellular waste and toxic buildup.
  • Helps protect and fortify cells against damage from external toxins by enhancing the body’s defense mechanisms.
  • Helps restore normal cell function.


Men and Women over the age of 18 who are beginning to feel fatigued, decreased stamina, sluggishness, or an inability to directly face an active life, as well as those who wish to feel the spirit of youth longer.


Recommended dosage: Take 2 (two) capsules 2 (two) times a day, maximum 6 (six) ageLOC R2 Day capsules during the day, and 2 (two) ageLOC R2 Night capsules at night.


  • LifePak/LifePak Nano – the perfect companion to ageLOC R2 because to support optimal gene expression requires good nutrition. The LifePak/LifePak Nano provides the essential nutrients the body needs for cell cleansing, cellular energy production, and optimal cell function. Also provides antioxidant nutrients to protect against oxidative stress. LifePak/LifePak Nano provides essential antioxidant protection and ageLOC R2 improves youth gene expression helping you feel healthier, younger, and more vibrant.
  • Pharmanex solution products – combine with Tegreen97 for more cell protection. CordyMax & Energy Formula users should switch to ageLOC R2 for a wider range of benefits. For more benefits before and after your workout, add OverDrive.
  • ageLOC skincare products – ageLOC R2 companion products because the external and internal rearrangement of YGCs is the perfect blend for a younger-looking face and body.


What is the difference between ageLOC R2 Day and ageLOC R2 Night, and why should they be taken together?

ageLOC R2 balances gene expression from two interconnected aspects of youth. First, ageLOC R2 Day restores YGCs associated with cellular energy production. Second, ageLOC R2 Night restores YGCs associated with cellular cleansing or purification. Optimal cell purification removes toxins and wastes from each cell that can disrupt intracellular domains and impede cell function, while cellular energy production provides the energy needed for these functions. ageLOC R2 blends
benefits of cellular cleansing and cellular energy production to rebuild the function of youthful cells.

Can I take ageLOC R2 at the same time?

ageLOC R2 is formulated to be taken alternately in the morning/evening. Take 2 (two) capsules 2 (two) times a day, maximum 6 (six) ageLOC R2 Day capsules during the day to support cellular energy production throughout the day. Take 2 (two) ageLOC R2 Night capsules at night to support cell purification and allow your body to renew itself throughout the night. Both ageLOC R2 Day and ageLOC R2 Night can be taken with or without food.

Is there any research that supports ageLOC R2’s ability to restore your youthful gene expression?

The ageLOC R2 ingredient uses uniquely selected ingredients and a state-of-the-art process begins by comparing gene expression patterns to identify which genes change expression with age-related to cellular energy production and cell purification. Once a particular gene sequence is identified according to its function, dozens of natural compounds are selected in vivo in laboratory studies. Based on this screening process, we selected only ingredients that modulate gene expression to a more youthful pattern. This research was presented at several scientific conferences, including the Gordon Research Conference, CoLONGY, and the 1st World Congress on Targeting Mitochondria.

Is ageLOC R2 intended to replace the benefits of LifePak?

ageLOC R2 is not intended to replace the benefits of LifePak. However, the ability to restore YGCs more optimally in the presence of adequate nutrition, ageLOC products provide different benefits from LifePak products. For optimal benefits in restoring YGC and nutrition, ageLOC R2 users should also continue to take LifePak.

Is ageLOC R2 safe for long-term consumption?

ageLOC R2 targets purification and energy production at the cellular level by restoring YGCs to a more youthful pattern of gene expression. Because ageLOC R2 works with the cell’s own purification system and energy production, it is safe for long-term consumption.


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